Welcome to the College of Forestry Graduate Undergraduate Mentorship Program website. This program is organized entirely by students in the CoF Graduate Student Council.

Participation Requirements

Participation requirements: Interested students will be required to submit an application. Student pairs will be selected based on interests, activities, and their central academic program. Students will be required to list current Teaching Assistantships in their application to avoid partnerships that could interfere with academic relationships and expectations. Applications must be resubmitted each quarter, when new pairs will be formed to maximize the diversity of interactions and allow for flexibility in graduate student availability.  The quality of this program will be monitored and maintained through quarterly assessment surveys and by a volunteer coordinator from the GSC. The volunteer coordinator will be responsible for establishing the mentor/mentee pairs and holding participants accountable for quarterly meetings. Involvement will include attendance at a quarterly pizza dinner, as well as a required in person meeting every quarter between mentors and mentees. Additional contact will be strongly encouraged through the provision of an award to the best mentor/mentee pair every quarter. The awardees will be selected based on the quarterly assessment survey and the frequency of interactions with their mentee.