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Meisam Shir Mohammadi

Studying, education, decent jobs, future and etc. all are important! but those are first dimension of life.The other aspect is Sports, Adernaline, eating and etc. I enjoy playing sports more than watching them (watching sports with friends are so fun though)! And the third one is music, dance and party! don't forget Einstein was a great musician too! I like to always have balance in all 3D of my life! who doesn't like traveling! but if you think about it, one of three aspect of life is included in that.
Research Interests: 
Mechanics of Materials, composites, renewable materials
Current Research Description: 
Development of new novel materials (Cellulose Nanocomposites) for biomedical applications and other industries (includes fabrication, mechanical testing, structural analysis and modeling of their properties using FEA).
Materials Science / Wood Science and Engineering