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Matt Reilly

I grew up in rural Massachusetts but have spent the last twenty years either as a student or working professionally on research in forest ecology in New England, the Southeastern US, and most recently here in the Pacific Northwest. I am an avid mountain biker and skier and enjoy playing music with friends in my free time.
Research Interests: 
forest ecology, fire ecology, landscape ecology, succession, big trees
Current Research Description: 
My current research involves integrating regional plot inventory data with remote sensing to provide a better understanding of how forests across Oregon, Washington, and Northern California have been changing since the mid 1980's. Forest change generally occurs over very long time scales as a result of growth and succession, but recent disturbances such as wildfires, insect and pathogen outbreaks, and droughts suggest that forest conditions may be changing rapidly as a result of associated tree mortality. My work seeks to understand the magnitude of these changes and put them in an ecological context by examining regional patterns of tree mortality and changes in the amount of early successional and old-growth forests across the Pacific Northwest.
Forest Science / Forest Ecosystems and Society