Welcome to the College of Forestry Graduate Undergraduate Mentorship Program website. This program is organized entirely by students in the CoF Graduate Student Council.

Lauren Remenick

I grew up in Florida, the sunshine state. I received my bachelor of science at Elon University in North Carolina. My degree was in Environmental Studies and Psychology. I studied abroad in Denmark, WWOOFed in Arizona and ski with my family every year in Colorado. I also like to garden, line dance, run and cuddle with my two cats.
Research Interests: 
Social science, adult learning, collaboration, communication, disturbance-based management
Current Research Description: 
My current research is on effective teaching and learning styles of adults. In June I will implement a survey for HJA Day participants to assess their learning experiences and preferences. Next year I hope to work on a project that examines public knowledge, perceptions and acceptance of disturbance-based management.
Forest Ecosystems and Society, Master of Science / Forest Ecosystems and Society