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Kelly Kerr

Hi, I'm Kelly and am currently a second-year Master's student in the FES department! Although I am originally from California, I've now come to call both Seattle, WA and Corvallis, OR home as well. I love living in the Pacific Northwest and exploring all it has to offer. Outside of school and research, I enjoy rock-climbing, hiking, trail-running...essentially lots of outdoor recreational activities. I love living in Corvallis and appreciate every opportunity I have to try a new restaurant, explore various parts of the city and hang out with my friends. When I have the time, I also enjoy watching movies and reading books. My most recent hobbies include taking care of chickens and playing the banjo! Your Research Interests: seedling establishment, drought tolerance, species distributions
Research Interests: 
seedling establishment, drought tolerance, species distributions
Current Research Description: 
My research project involves investigating the physiology underlying drought and stress tolerances in conifer seedlings, namely ponderosa pine seedlings. In addition, I am interested in learning about the various components involved in successful seedling establishment and what drives species distribution patterns. Most of my research is done either at some raised beds located on the OSU campus or in the laboratory, and my background is in plant biology (received a BS in 2009 from UC Davis).
Tree Physiology/Forest Ecosystems and Society