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Joey Hulbert

I completed a BS in Forestry at Washington State University. During my undergraduate I worked in a few different plant pathology labs and spent my last 3 summers as seasonal field techs for research projects. In 2011 I became a full time tech for in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at OSU. I was doing field and lab work for sudden oak death research projects. I started my MS in Fall 2012 and I am trying to wrap it up by the end of this summer. Throughout my MS I have been highly involved in social activities and I can certainly speak to the value of extracurricular activities. I enjoy organizing events and activities for others to benefit from. I also play bicycle polo and I am a radio co-host of Inspiration Dissemination on KBVR. I came to graduate school because I saw research as a way to positively impact the world, but I also recognize that there are many ways to make an impact. One central thing I have learned through my various involvements, is that you can start making an impact as students, you don't have to wait until you can publish.
Research Interests: 
Forest health, invasion biology, disturbance ecology, wood preservation
Current Research Description: 
Sudden oak death is a disease of oaks in California and Oregon. The disease is caused by an organism that can live on over a hundred species, of these species is Douglas-fir. The purpose of my project is to develop methods to prevent the spread of the disease on the Douglas-fir logs we remove from infected areas.
Dual MS: Wood Science and Plant Pathology