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Joanie Schmidgall

As an Oregonian for life, I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I started working on a youth trail crew in high school and instantly knew I wanted a career where I could frolic outside and get dirty! I got my B.A. from University of Oregon majoring in environmental science and geography. During the summers while I was going to school, I was employed seasonally for the Forest Service on the Willamette National Forest. I was fortunate enough to gain experience working for timber, engineering, fire, recreation and public affairs. I was hired permanently in timber sale prep. at the Detroit Ranger Station in 2009 and was promoted to a forester/timber sale appraiser at the Sweet Home Ranger Station in 2012. That year, I also had the opportunity to start school at Oregon State to earn a Master of Forestry degree while maintaining my position. I’ll return to the Forest Service fulltime when I graduate in June.
Research Interests: 
Community based forest management and rural studies
Current Research Description: 
Even though I am a professional forester, I have chosen to focus my graduate work on the social side of forestry, particularly rural studies and community based forest management. Academically I am interested in how small, rural communities interact with the landscape and how they have been affected socially, economically and culturally by the declining federal timber market over the last few decades. Since I am getting a Master of Forestry degree, I have been working on a practical learning experienced-based project rather than conducting large-scale research. I am currently working to coordinate management efforts for the Elizabeth Starker-Cameron Demonstration Forest and facilitate educational outreach aimed at small woodland owners.
MF- Forest Social Science / Forest Ecosystems and Society