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Elijah Allensworth

I'm a 24-year-old Oregonian originally from Springfield who came to OSU to study engineering. After becoming bored with that program I moved into Forest Management and graduated in 2013. I'm now a graduate student studying biometrics. My interests outside of academia include board games, leatherworking, woodworking, reading, baking, and camping. I'm also a pretty active member of the OSU Society of American Foresters.
Research Interests: 
Biomass imputation and error propagation
Current Research Description: 
My current research is in two separate projects. The first is comparing different methods of estimating tree biomass for different size levels (plot, stand, forest, region). The second is investigating how error changes for different size levels (again: plot, stand, forest, region)when using aerial lidar to estimate biomass.
Sustainable Forest Management (Biometrics) / Forest Engineering, Resources and Management