Welcome to the College of Forestry Graduate Undergraduate Mentorship Program website. This program is organized entirely by students in the CoF Graduate Student Council.

Undergraduate Application

FOREST G.U.M.P. – Spring 2014 Undergraduate Application


The program will pair undergraduate and graduate students together based on information received on applications, and operates on a quarterly basis, with new applications and mentorship pairs created each quarter.  Each quarter, a $10 gift card will be given to each pair to facilitate meetings, and an award will be given to the best mentorship pair based on participation and end-of-quarter feedback surveys. Mentorships pairs will be assigned on a first come-first serve basis.


Please browse the mentors who have volunteered to mentor you and indicate below which student you would like to meet with.

(e.g., how to apply to graduate school, job search help, resume help, exploring career paths, etc.)
(e.g., forest management, forest health, ecology, recreation, green building materials, bioenergy, social sciences, business etc.)
Please select as many mentors as you think would be good fits. We will do our best to match you with your one of your first two preferences. View the graduate students who have volunteered to mentor you this term at http://gump.forestry.oregonstate.edu/mentors