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Amy Barnhart

My undergraduate degree from the University of New Hampshire was in Environmental Science with an emphasis on policy and law. Since receiving that degree, I have completed two years of AmeriCorps, first as a volunteer coordinator and then as a member of a watershed restoration team. I also spent a couple years working as a forest ecology research technician, mainly in the Northwest but also in Puerto Rico. I spent a year at Utah State University (2012-2013) as a Master's student in their Ecology program before transferring to OSU to pursue an MS in Sustainable Forest Management. My personal interests include anything in the outdoors, such as trail running, hiking, backpacking, skiing, and mountaineering.
Research Interests: 
Silviculture, Fire Ecology, and Plant Community Ecology
Current Research Description: 
I am studying the relationship between pre- and post-fire plant communities on experimentally manipulated forest stands in the Siskiyou Mountain of southwest Oregon.
Sustainable Forest Management / Forest Engineering, Resources and Management