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Alyson Wade

I grew up in North Carolina and got two undergraduate degrees from North Carolina State University in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science & Engineering. While I was there, I worked one semester as a process engineering intern with Kimberly Clark and one summer with Ashland Hercules as a technical sales intern. After I graduated in December of 2011, I moved to Oregon and worked for 1.5 years at the International Paper mill in Springfield. I am currently a first year Masters student in the marketing track of the Wood Science program. I am interested in all things sustainable!! I currently volunteer with the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition as the co-lead for the Food Action Team, and am heavily involved in the local food movement here in Corvallis. I am growing my own food (goal of 50% this year), and we are working on designing our yard to include permaculture design characteristics in order to increase productivity of the land and decrease the amount of work that it takes over time. This year I also plan to build a rocket stove, a rainwater collection system, a cob oven, and volunteer building an earthship!! (Look it up if you have no idea what that is!) I hope to eventually work on creating "food forests" at some of the Corvallis city parks, and help organize a community food center in south Corvallis. In my other spare time, I like to hike, play with my dog, read, play board games with friends, and just generally be outside.
Research Interests: 
Local forest product markets
Current Research Description: 
My thesis project is to study and understand the local specialty and niche wood products market, focusing on small woodlands owners in Clackamas county Oregon. We hope to better understand demand for local products (including what drives demand), as well as what the area can supply (capacity, range of products, etc).
Wood Science and Engineering