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Adrian Gallo

Born and raised in the Bay Area east of San Francisco, my father (and forever soccer coach) took me hiking/backpacking as a kid and I've never stopped. Although I feel most comfortable trudging around wet and slippery forests of temperate ecosystems, the American southwest and alpine summit trips have always provided me with an inspirational sense of perspective. I completed my undergrad in Soil Science with a Geology minor at Cal Poly SLO and partnered with the Forest Service to complete a senior project relating to the impacts of thinning treatments on soil temperature/water, and CO2 respiration rates. I have worked for the Forest Service for two summers in Alaska on Prince of Wales Island identifying suitable areas for timber harvest, and one summer in SW Oregon helping land managers identify key areas of operation on a watershed scale. Now living in Corvallis you will find me in the McDonald forest running/MTB, on the turf fields playing soccer, and enjoying downtown with friends.. Oh yeah that research thing too.
Research Interests: 
Nutrient cycling, metrics of productivity, Soil, Soil Organic Matter
Current Research Description: 
Currently my thesis is with the Long Term Soil Productivity (LTSP) experiment in the Springfiled area with Weyerhaeuser monitoring the effects of intensive biomass removal on soil temperature, water, nutrient dynamics, and of course stand productivity.
Forest Watershed Management / Forest Engineering, Resources and Management